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Author Topic: Casting Target Numbers  (Read 1232 times)

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Casting Target Numbers
« on: November 17, 2021, 07:12:34 PM »
Originally posted November 13, 2021

Under the current RMC and even the current RMFRP rules, casting a spell is super easy. So much so, that unless you are involved in casting a spells that falls into the ESF range of things, all you need to do is to make sure that you don’t fumble.

Aren’t higher level spells supposed to be harder to cast? If that is the case, then how come that isn’t reflected in the rules?

Here are some possible ways of handling it. Please note that these rules would work just as well for RMC, RMFRP, and even for HARP.

Casting Target Number

Using these guidelines, Each spell will have a Casting Target Number (CTN) based on its level (i.e. the number of PP required to cast it). The CTN is determined by using the standard RMC Progession Rate. The Progression Rate that I am talking about is the base 5/2/1/0.5 rate that most all RMC skills follow.

There would also be a 20 point base, to which this Progression Rate based number is added.

This would give a spell costing 1 PP a CTN of 25. A spell costing 3 PPs would have a CTN of 35. A spell costing 11 PPs would have a CTN of 72. A spell costing 20 PPs would have a CTN of 90, and a spell costing 50 PPs would have a CTN of 120.

The caster would then roll and add in his Casting Bonus and any appropriate modifiers and compare the result against his CTN for the spell to see if he cast it successfully.

Casting Bonus

Every character would have a Casting Bonus (CB) for each specific spell (HARP) or Spell List (RMC & RMFRP).

The Casting Bonus consists of the Stat Bonuses for the realm of magic, a number equal the number of ranks in the spel/list, and a level bonus.

For Pure and Hybrid spell users, the level bonus is equal to 1 point for each level that the character has. For Semi spell users, the level bonus is equal to 1 point for every 2 levels that the character has, rounded down.

Therefore a 5th level Pure spell user with a +10 bonus in his realm stat and 10 ranks in a spell list would have a Casting Bonus of 25 (5 + 10 + 10= 25). A Semi spell user of the same level with the same stat and same number of ranks would have a Casting Bonus of 22 for that spell list.

Our Pure spell user would require to only not fumble his casting of a first level spell, and have to roll a 45 or higher to cast his 10th level spell (CTN 70).