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December 02, 2023, 02:52:03 AM

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One of the changes in the next version of the Beta is the introduction of a critical system. This is an extension of the Secondary Damage  guidelines in the previous versions of the Beta. Read on for more details....

The following image shows the upcoming Critical Table.

As you can see, there are 6 levels of criticals, and many of the levels have multiple entries. However, if you deliver a critical, you only select one of those effects. The effect selected is up to the player delivering the attack. However, they are not limited to just what is allowed for that critical level and type.

They may, should they like, choose any one lesser effect from the same column.

Example: Your attack delivers a Slash IV critical. This means that you can choose to deliver a -3 Penalty, 2 Hits of Bleeding damage or a 1 Major Wound. You may also, if you do not want to be quite as deadly, select a Minor Wound, 1 Hit of Bleeding, a -2 Penalty, 1 round of Stun (Shaken), or a -1 Penalty.

Yes, it appears that there would be a lot of math involved to determine whether or not a critical might be delivered. However, this math only need be done once for Player Characters, as there is a space on the character sheet for recording this information.

For monsters, this information is provided as part of the standard stat block.

The abbreviation "CrTs" stands for Critical Thresholds, but I love that you can also sound it out as if saying crits.There are 6 entries just as there are six levels of criticals.

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