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December 01, 2023, 06:06:44 PM

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In Novus 1E, we simply had hit points. Different races had different maximums amounts of hits. I had also been fascinated by a couple of systems that used a 2 level type hits system, whether they called them wounds or life points, or something else. So, I wanted to go in a slightly different direction, and here was what I came up with.

Novus 1E

In Novus 1E, hits were 20+Str+Con+Special, and you could then gain hits until you got to Racial Max+Str+Con. This was okay, but it could still lead to a lot of hits.

Novus 2E

In Novus 2E, you have Hits (sometimes referred to as Fatigue), and Wounds. Instead of Spell Points, Novus 2E uses Fatigue (i.e. hits) to power spells.

Each race has a number of Base Hits. To this, the character adds their Stamina (a Secondary Stat), and the bonus hits from Training Path Abilities or Talents purchased.

When a character reaches zero hits, he is unconscious.

Every character also has a number of Wounds that he can take, and they are divided into Minor, Major, & Dire. Each Minor Would would apply a -1 to actions, a Major Wound would apply a -2, and each Dire Wound applies a -3 modifier.

The 3 different types of wounds can be acquired separately. You can receive a Dire Wound without first getting a Minor or major Wound.

Once you receive a penalty of -10 or higher, you must make a Stamina Save to stay conscious for 1 minute for each point that the Save is failed by. If the penalty is -20 or higher, he is unconscious without a Save until the Penalty drops below -10.

You can take a number of Minor Wounds equal to your Constitution. You can take a number of Major Wounds equal to your Constitution minus 1, and you can take a number of Dire Wounds equal to your Constitution minus 2. You can never had less than 1 of each type of Wound. So, even if you had a Constitution of zero, you would have have at least one of each type of Wound. (Note: I am currently considering altering this to allow for more Wounds overall)

Secondary Damage

There are several types of Secondary damage that you can receive as well. Each type of attack can do up to 2 types of Secondary Damage. And the thresholds for taking Secondary Damage is based on the number of hits you take (after adjustments for armor). Con+2 in hits results in Type I Secondary Damage, and Stamina+2 in hits

There are 3 types of Stuns (Dazed, Sunned, & Staggered). These do not give you any penalties. Instead, they limit how many Actions you can perform during a round. .

There are also Penalties (gained from things other than Wounds, but still totaled with them), and Bleeding. Bleeding is basically continuing damage. Each point of Bleeding reduces hits 1 per round until all hits are gone, and then Minor Wounds, then Major Wounds and finally Dire Wounds.

Secondary Damage is applied based on how much damage you take in Hits, or from the use of Boon Points (which are still earned in the same manner).


Fatigue/Hits fully heals after 4 hours of rest/sleep.

Minor Wounds take 1 full day of rest to heals each point. Major Wounds require 1 full week of rest to heal, and Dire Wounds require 2 full weeks of rest to heal each point.

Penalties from Wounds heal as the Wounds heal. Penalties from other sources are treated as Minor Wounds for how long it takes them to heal

Bleeding must first be stopped before it will heal. Once stopped, it take 1 full day of rest to fully heal each point of bleeding. Strenuous activity before Bleeding is fully healed can re-open it and cause Bleeding to resume.

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