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Author Topic: What is Bladelands?  (Read 740 times)

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What is Bladelands?
« on: November 17, 2021, 10:10:04 AM »
Originally posted: May 23, 2009

A little over 10 years ago, the then current editor at Iron Crown Enterprises decided that he was to create his own campaign setting, called the Bladelands. Every once in a while since then somebody bring it up and asks what it was supposed to be about and if it is every going to see the light of day.

The short answer to the last part is no. ICE is never going to publish the Bladelands campaign setting. As to what it was about, that will take a bit more to explain...

First off a little background.

The old ICE had a miniatures game called Bladestorm, set on the small continent of Folenn, which happened to be on Shadow World. A land surrounded by severe magical storms called.. Bladestorms. These magical tempests were attracted to violence. The larger the violence, the more likely one was to show up.

The editor at the time also had a dislike for Shadow World. He also had a dislike for combat as well from what I have been told by others. In games he ran, it took a lot to actually get into a combat from what I have been told.

The last module published for Shadow World was the Curse of Kabis, and its lackluster sales were used as an argument for canceling the product line. What I find extremely interesting is that in the forward for the module is the line "contained within this fatal product..."

I don't know, but that seems like a freudian slip to me.

Before the editor left ICE (about a year or two before the bankruptcy), he secured from the then President of ICE the rights to control the setting. This meant full editorial and product line control even though he no longer worked for ICE.

Anyways, having given the above background about how the Bladelands setting came to be, I'll now tell a bit about history within the setting (this also tells a bit about how the editor).

The Bladelands are still the continent of Folenn, but a Folenn that had been greatly changed. For one thing, Shadow World was gone, completely destroyed when the Eyes of Utha were removed. The history of the Bladelands had one super-powerful mage (apparently more powerful than the Ka'Ta'Viir) saving Folenn by sacrificing himself and several others to create a permanent Bladestorm around Folenn to protect it as it traveled through space in search of a new planet.

Yes, he destroyed the entire world to create his new setting.

Here are some other facts about the Bladelands

  • Hues - The setting was afflicted with a different Hue each day. The Hues were somewhat like the Sunbane colors from the Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.
  • The setting contained an sunken city (city sunk into a cavern) of stunted, twisted dwarves ruled over by a dragon lich. This was pretty much a ripoff from the Dragonlance setting.
  • Elves - In this setting, although elves looked normal, they were really crystaline in nature and were born in Gem Pools. This was a fact that the editor had planned on withholding until 2 or 3 books into the product line (at the very least).
  • Dwarves - normal dwarves would be beardless, and would be river traders, nomads who traveled the rivers from town to town.
  • Most of society would be in small city-states, but there was going to be one more advanced society, which functioned a lot like the Loremasters from Shadow World did.

There is likely more, but that is about all that I can remember at the moment.

Okay, back on track. The old ICE died in the bankruptcy. A while later the new/current ICE was born. That editor then wrote the new ICE announcing that he was going to publish the Bladelands using RM. Of course, by the time that this had happened, I was in contact with ICE and after I told Bruce a bit about the setting, he told that editor that no, he was not publishing Bladelands using RM.

Then the editor decided to release it using d20. Unfortunately for him, he was sent to jail not long after (and no, I won't go into why he was sent to jail). As far as I know, he is still there.

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