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January 22, 2022, 04:36:11 PM

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Author Topic: The Perpetual Rolemaster Beta & Creature Law?!?!  (Read 411 times)

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The Perpetual Rolemaster Beta & Creature Law?!?!
« on: November 17, 2021, 04:24:55 PM »
Originally posted February 05, 2015

Over on the ICE forums, a new “Director’s Briefing” was recently posted. And I am simultaneously laughing my head off at it, and crying over the impending ruination and demise of one of my all-time favorite systems, Rolemaster. Read on for the details of the reasoning behind both reactions….

This one is even more discouraging than the January briefing (if that were even possible), where the so-called Director blathered on about his personal book reading list and Kindle Library in what is laughingly intended as official company briefing to his customers.

This month he starts off talking about his personal life once again. Sorry, but this is to entirely unprofessional, that it is both hilarious that he does in what is an obvious attempt at filler for what essentially boils down to “No real progress since last month

Rolemaster Unified Beta 2???

Oh look! The examples, that should have been in the manuscript in the first place BEFORE it was handed over for editing are supposedly done. Yet no mention of when they will be proofed.

However, the manuscript (and I really do hesitate to use this term) authors are still tweaking the manuscripts? After it had been turned in, after it had been edited? Apparently the Director is nothing more than a proof-reader, rather than a real editor.

Unless there needed to be major changes or there were major problems with the manuscripts (in which case expect even greater delays), it should have been the editor who went in and simply fixed the manuscript accordingly. You know, actually edit it. Instead, he describes the authors as doing “minor tweaks and corrections”, which should have been HIS job to fix in editing.

Now, before we move on, in the January Director’s Briefing thread, a forum member asked –> “Would Arms Law contain a sample list of monsters like ALL previous versions of Rolemaster?”

One of the ICE/TGC’s inner circle responded that that is what Creature Law would be for (in other words, you MUST purchase it to have any monsters, at all). And the Director himself chimed in by saying that Creature Law would be making an appearance in Beta 2.

This is both hilarious and extremely infuriating at the same time. First off, he never answered the customer’s question. He side-stepped it to talk about something that the customer did not ask (which, in itself was a way of telling that customer NO without actually saying it outright). Secondly, when the RMU Beta 1 was released almost 2 and a half years ago, 2 additional books (including THIS one) were promised to be released in Beta in “just a few months“. And here he is again, promising it will be released in this round of Beta, but it is something that has NEVER been mentioned in the Briefings at all, not once, since the original announcement! And of course no time frame on when it might even be expected! So, apparently they have not even started working on it, or they need to completely need to rewrite it according to the new/current version of the RMU rules (which are being changed/tweaked even after handed in for editing).

So, the question is WHEN? When will Creature Law be released? This year (and I cannot even stop from chuckling at this (im)possibility), next year? The year after that? Or will it be pushed back to Beta 3 (in another 2-3 years time), and the Beta players/testers will have another few years of no monsters for Rolemaster Unified (which would likely be better named as “Rolemaster: the Splintering“).

Needless to say, I strongly discourage anybody from holding their breaths waiting for the Beta 2 release, let alone for Creature Law….

Wait! Didn’t he announce its return in the previous month? Yup, pretty much he did. I am fairly sure that he would not have announced in January if he were not positive of its impending return, so this is basically a tiny update on the nature of that return disguised as if it were a much larger announcement that had not previously been made.

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